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5 Best Places to Visit in Goa in 2018

A trip to Goa is a dream comes true for every Indian. There isn’t a soul in the country who hasn’t ever dreamt of visiting Goa with a best friend or one’s gang or with one’s partner. After all, it’s Goa and you are bound to have the time of your life there. Check out these places to visit in Goa if it is still on your bucket list. Keep a mental note that your itinerary must include these places at all costs if you really want to enjoy your Goan holiday.

Anjuna Beach, Goa

Anjuna Beach Goa

A visit to this honeymoon destination is incomplete without a visit to Anjuna Beach, one of the best beaches in the state. It is also one of the most popular among the beaches and is always crowded with tourists from all over the country. From relaxation to water sports and local cuisine or drinks, it has everything ready to serve you.

Things to do at Anjuna Beach:

  • Try parasailing if you are an adventure lover.
  • Party at night in the beach to enjoy the real Goan nightlife.
  • Try the local food and drinks at the beach shacks.
  • Engage in the array of water sports beckoning the tourists.

Palolem Beach, Goa

If north Goa has got Anjuna, South Goa has the sprawling Palolem Beach, a haven for honeymoon couples. If you want to experience romance dipped in sun, sand and the azure sea, this is where you should be. The sparkling white sand kissed by the sea look pristinely beautiful. Forget everything and just revel in the beauty of the deep blue Arabian Sea.

Things to do at Palolem Beach:

  • Go on a romantic trail under the coconut palms and the white beach.
  • Try swimming and other water sports
  • Sunbathe on the picturesque beaches
  • Hone your photography skills or give food to your love for nature with marvellous sunrise and sunsets over the sea.
  • Enjoy the beach nightlife.

Dona Paula, Goa

Dona Paula Goa

The rocky structures amongst the sea and sand at Dona Paula is a must visit place in this beach destination. The shores are romantic as well as adventurous because of the popular horror story associated with it. Dona Paula is a romantic retreat for couples.

Things to do at Dona Paula:

  • Enjoy the spectacular view from the place
  • See the beautifully carved monument of Dona Paula
  • Go for a romantic date
  • Enjoy the annual water sports like kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing and others held here in the festive month of November.

Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada in Panjim offers you an interesting experience in a mysterious lighthouse. Climb up the stairs to reach the top and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Panjim city.

Bom Jesus Basilica, Goa

If you are an architecture lover, this should be there in your list of the places to visit in Goa. The Bom Jesus Basilica is a sacred site of the Catholics and one of the most frequented tourist spots in this holiday destination. It was built in 1605 and preserves the remains of St. Francis Xavier.

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