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6 Things to know before traveling to the US Virgin Islands

Now that you have been planning to travel to the US Virgin Islands so there are a few things you must know about the place. Consider tripping to St. Thomas and St. John for a day, start your day early when you have ferries to board so that you manage good view and pictures, beaches and history is best enjoyed at St. Croix. Where St. John is known to be a quiet vacation spot, St. Thomas is known to be windy and as a great shopping destination. You can enjoy the best version of night life here in the US Virgin Islands.

Get your passport before leaving for US Virgin Islands:

If you are a tourist traveling to the US Virgin Islands then probably you are carrying your VISA as well as your passport. But if you are an American traveling to the US islands then you don’t your passport but if you are planning to travel to the Virgin Islands then you too need to carry your passport.

Don’t buy food, cook it:

Cook Food US Virgin Islands

Instead of relying on restaurants for dinning or lunching, it is better if you find yourself a place where they provide a kitchen too. Take some time out and buy groceries from the local store and cook delicious food for yourself.

The Rum:

Rum is the best bought drink by the tourist in the US Virgin Islands as they intend to take it back with them for their friends or for themselves. But there is this one tip one who is fond of Rum should follow. Never buy bottles of Rum from the tourist shop because they are very costly. We suggest buy it from local shops since they serve good quality rum for the local population of the US Virgin Islands.

Don’t pack too much for US Virgin Islands:

travelling to the us virgin islands

There is absolutely no need to pack three to four pair of shoes, gowns, party wear dresses when traveling to US Virgin Islands. The climate there is very hot and humid because of which basic flip-flops, bikini, t-shirt and shorts would be the best fit. You are not expected to hit into a restaurant wearing heels and dress or suit and shoes for a dinner date. It is absolutely fine to wear loose fitting clothes that are breathable, airy and super comfortable.

Go slow:

Since the weather and climate of the US Virgin Islands will be totally different than the usual so there is no need to rush. We know how tempting the location is but you need to be slow with the list of activities you have planned to do. Whether it is drinking rum, sun bathing or swimming go slow and stay hydrated as well as take enough rest.

The need to be sweet and mannerly in US Virgin Islands:

Yes, because the people of US Virgin Islands are very sweet. They wish good morning and good night to each other whenever they walk past each other. You can always smile and say hello to a stranger who crosses your path or a localite at the restaurant or bar.

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