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8 Tips How to travel independently in Russia?

Traveling to a new place is as tough as it is to get excited on the thought whether it is a new city, a new locality or a new country. If you want to seek the fun independently while you are about to do independent travel to Russia then mentioned below are the checklist points. These points will ensure you sustainability while you enjoy being a lone wanderer.

The Basic Requirements:

Hotels Russia

Whenever you are travelling to a different country there are certain things that you always need to address first. While you have to make an independent move in Russia you need to check for your visa- it’s validity, your best possible route to reach there apart from just reaching the airport like a hotel you have booked or maybe a residential property.

Check the Language:

If you have no idea about Russian language then it is better you communicate only in English. If you are going to Russia for work or study purpose then you should begin learning basic Russian. There are very few Institutions that teach English over there so little bit of the knowledge of Russian language will do no harm.

Network Connectivity:

Of course, the connectivity of network is of prime importance so make sure you buy a SIM card for yourself that works even outside the city. For buying a SIM card you need to show your passport. Also, you will always find WiFi facilities at free of cost in hostels, shopping malls and at hotels.

Currency check:

The Russian currency is available in two formats that is paper and coin. Since you want to be an independent traveller in Russia so make sure you keep some cash in the wallet. ATM cards are of great help and can be swiped while shopping anytime the need be.


Always be open to interactions other than being an introvert because nobody is going to come and interact first. Often good interactions with the locals will get you something new to explore and help you out with directions as well. You will always find good interactive people in the trains so when you travel from one location to another via train, look out for people with whom you can freely interact.

Travelling around the place to explore:

Explore Russia

An independent traveller in Russia definitely needs to know the best possible method of exploring around. It is the train travel that is largely opted by the people and it inexpensive as well. Apart from train it is subway, trams, buses etc. that the people look forward to travel from one stop to another.

Place of Stay:

If you are a lone wanderer looking for a comfortable stay in Russia then you can definitely find hotels. These hotels have dorm beds and little kitchens, one doesn’t have to pay much to stay unless you are running into something luxurious in the big cities of Russia.

Places worth exploring:

Independent travel in Russia is completely exciting when you visit just the right tourist spots. Moscow, St. Petersburg are two famous cities and places like VelikyNovogorod, Krasnoyarsk, Lake Baikal are the finest locations to hit upon.

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