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Do’s and Don’ts when you are visiting Australia

Australia is absolutely gorgeous and has a wide array of beautiful landscape, amazing food and friendly people that all ensure you have a great time when you visit. However, to get the best experience at Australia, there are some things you will need to understand about the practices and acts that are permitted and frowned upon. Here are some do’s and don’ts for when you are travelling to Australia.

Australia: Travel Tips


Understanding road rules in Australia

People drive on the left in Australia and it is necessary that you understand the rules and study them to ensure you follow them strictly to avoid getting arrested and adding points the license and when it hits 13, it will lead to your license being revoked.

Be aware of distances

It generally takes quite some time to reach different cities in Australia. Plan your trip accordingly.


You need to carry an ID if you are young to get into pubs and clubs. The minimum legal age for drinking is 18 in Australia.

The 5S

Australia has a harsh heat and the Cancer Council Australia featured a campaign to ensure you are protected.

  • Slip- Wear a shirt
  • Slop- Lather on a good SPF 30+ sunscreen
  • Slap- Wear a hat
  • Seek- Try to stay indoors or in shade
  • Slide- Wear sunglasses.


You must swim between the flags in beaches that are patrolled as the flags ascertain that it is safest to do so. Since flags often change the positions on the beaches throughout the day as the currents are really unpredictable, it is important to ensure you stay within the flags

Usage of the word ‘mate’

Mate is used by men and not women. It is used for men only and is offensive to say to women.

Shortened words

Australian lingo consists of a lot of shortened words and ensuring that you know the lingo can really help in ensuring that you understand what people are talking about.

Drop bears

Drop bears are some predatory koalas that often drop down from trees and terrorize foreigners. Keeping forks in your hair or spreading toothpaste or vegemite behind your ears are some local remedies.



Swearing is very commonplace for Australians and a lot of words that are considered swearing elsewhere isn’t in Australia, like “bloody”, “crap” or “bugger”. Don’t get offended.

Intoxicated driving

The tolerated blood alcohol limit is 0.05% and zero limits for learners and provisional driving licenses. You must also wear a seatbelt at all times and you can’t use mobile phones while you are driving.

Deadly animals

Deadly Animals Australia

Don’t worry about the deadly animals. Chances are, you are highly unlikely to encounter any and keeping your respectable distance can ensure that they don’t harm you.


Australia has some of the most interesting animals in the world and you may want to cuddle with and pet koalas, however, there are government regulations preventing holding Koalas in South Australia and Queensland.


There are a lot of regulations regarding smoking in Australia. You can’t smoke in 3meteres of exits or entrances of cafes and restaurants. Often entire suburbs and beaches are smoke free.  Don’t throw out cigarette butts out of car windows as these can cause bushfires.

Riding bikes without helmets

You will get fined if you ride without helmets unless you are on a bike path or a footpath.


Beaches Australia

You can be fined for littering in Australia.

Climbing Uluru

It is highly disrespectful to the indigenous Aboriginal Anagu tribe to climb Uluru (Ayres Rock) as it is a spiritual site.

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