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How to Travel Europe on Budget

When it comes to travelling, there are many people out there who would gladly agree to it. And if it is about travelling Europe then we are sure that’s the secret wish for every other person amongst you. But one thing, that restrains us from fulfilling our ‘age old’ dream of travelling to Europe is the Cost associated with it. Many of us cut out our ‘dream trip’ to Europe thinking that we can’t bear the price of such luxurious trip. But what if I tell you that you can plan your travel Europe on budget? How? Let’s check out how.

Relive Your Hostel Days

travel europe on budget

First thing first. If you can afford luxurious hotels, then no need to worry but if you can’t then you can try out the hostels. You can easily opt for hostels, not only it is cheaper than hotels but also you get to relive your hostel days, meet new people (rather students). This is probably one of the coolest feature Europe has!

Share driving in Europe

Another way to save your money is to go for car sharing. You’ll be probably go sight-seeing & instead of wasting your money on private mode of transportation, try to share your cab with someone else, so that you can save up quite a bit to do other things.

Bus it around 

Travelling Europe has many good to do things, one among them is the cheap (price) bus travel services. It is best advised that instead of taking the railways you go for the bus services available around you. Though bus services are quite cheaper in terms of cost but the quality is worth the expense.

Walk it

Travelling Europe & not taking up walking tours? Not happening! There are these guys who offer free walking tour services. You have to contact them & you get your free walking tours. Don’t worry apart from you there would be number of other people who have opted for this free walking tour services. The best part is that you can enjoy your sight – seeing whole heartedly without taking the tension of missing your bus/train!

Visit Europe in Off season

Well this is the basic key factor one should look upon while they are travelling to any place. If you are planning on travelling Europe then it is best advised try to go for an off-season trip, as that’s the time when prices seem to be more within your reach.

Try Street Food in Europe

Street foods in europe

Unlike in India, street food across other foreign countries specially in USA or UK or other places are quite hygienic, healthy & fills your tummy really well. Once in a while you can go for some restaurant, but practically it is very expensive when one is travelling Europe. So, it is advisable that you go for street foods. There are plenty of street food cafes & the food is delicious over there & as far as price is concerned, it’s quite low as well as affordable as compared to restaurants.

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