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Most Beautiful Island in the World to Visit

Planning is not enough you must apply, similarly chucking down a wish list is not enough you must know. There are so many islands in this world but settling for the ones that are worth visiting is a tough task.  Listed below are the most beautiful island in the world to visit and they have been listed in no particular order.

Bora Bora  Island, French Polynesia:

Bora Bora Island

Better known for fulfilling everybody’s fantasies of visiting boho-chic themed locations and hiding themselves in luxurious over the water house. The water of this island is crystal clear and you can actually spot turtles, star fish and even sharks floating in the sea. Sleeping to the sound of slow waves is so soothing. Bora Bora has been one of the famous destinations in the world every water baby would love to visit.

Seychelles, Kenya:

Being one of the richest fishing destination for the fishers, Seychelles also mark its feature to be one of the most beautiful island in the world to visit. You can enjoy some beach walk, coral reefs view and the fresh air straight from the dense greenery all around.

Fiji Island:

Fiji Island

Whether it is your honeymoon trip or a bachelor’s trip, Fiji is just the right place to discover all the fantasy that stays fixed in the Fiji box. Fiji has all kinds of resorts from luxurious to family type to hideous ones. Looking for some relaxation by the beach of white sand and translucent water then head to Fiji right away.

Bali Island, Indonesia:

A culture stricken place that is exotically beautiful and offers delicious servings is one of the beautiful islands in the world, called Bali. You can always wander to the nearby islands and Hindu temples here or possibly enjoy some sun bath or swimming.

Palawan Islands, Philippines:

Paradise falls right here in Palawan Islands, most beautiful island in the world to visit. If you are too fond of diving then experience the world best diving can only be done here at Palawan Islands. No wonder this place has crystal clear water and white sand that can make you look right inside the water observing the coral reefs. Puerto Princesa River National Park is a world heritage site with the longest underground river that has been formed into a cave system.

Santorini Island, Greece:

Santorini Island

Are you too romantic? Then Santorini is one beautiful island in the world for you to explore while you are honeymooning or planning to propose your better half for marriage. This place is all about white coloured villas of the village Santorini and has been the most photographed location till date. So, don’t forget to carry your best cameras.

Kauai Island, Hawaii:

This one ranks as one of the oldest islands but also the most beautiful island in the world to visit. You will enjoy breath-taking views only if you decide to sweat a little in the process. A place rich in flora, coral and coastline is no doubt very beautiful.

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